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the road less travelled

Have you ever been on a car journey, fallen asleep at some point, woken up, and wondered where you were? You're not sure how much time has passed, but you look out the window and wonder your exact location. Sometimes life is exactly like that moment. I'm sure you've heard plenty of those "life is a journey" quotes, but there's a reason you keep hearing them, it's because there's truth in them. Life is a journey and time is passing by. You'll find that there are moments when you're not quite sure where you're heading in life. It can feel like so much is happening in the world but that not much is happening in your life. It can feel like things are changing yet you're also not able to see any differences.

"Becoming isn't about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn't end."

Michelle Obama

Who you are in life, and what you want from this life is so much bigger than you give it credit for.

Your path was carved and created for you. You are well-equipped to handle the journey ahead. At times it may not feel like it. At times, it may feel as though your road is harder with more obstacles in the way. Believe me when I say that everything you need to see your journey till the end is inside of you. On this journey of life, you'll pick up friends, lessons, blessings, hardships, wins, and losses. Not every person you meet is ready to handle who you are at particular moments in your journey, but never let that stop you from evolving. Your vision, your calling, your purpose, your dreams, and aspirations, they're all possible for you to take hold of and live out.

Sometimes the road is less travelled but it does not mean it's not the road for you to travel.

Here are some things I want to remind you:

  • Your mindset matters. Make sure it's taking you where you want to go.

  • Sometimes you need to mute the unnecessary loudness of life and slip into "do not disturb" mode for a period of time.

  • Focus on your journey and look ahead.

  • Take breaks when you need to. Rest is essential and productive.

  • Realign yourself and your vision (when/if necessary)

  • Remember your why. Remember why you started.

  • Don't be afraid. Don't let fear control you.

  • Follow your own course. You do not need to keep tabs on where others are going.

  • Remember that you won't always be confident about where you're heading but learn to trust your instincts and trust God.

  • Involve God in your journey, don't try to do life on your own.

  • God's will for your life was hand-picked for you.

  • There is no one like you out there. No one is you or has lived your exact life, so the journey you're on was made for you, and you alone.

  • Just keep going. Don't give up on yourself. Somewhere out there, someone is inspired by you, your story, your tenacity, persistence and perseverance.

The journey of who you want to become doesn't ever really end, not if you don't let it.

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