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writer. dreamer. lover. believer.

this girl is writing her story and shaping her world

Phenomenelle Life was established in 2020 by Danielle Ngwana-Joseph.

Danielle created Phenomenelle Life to encourage women to pursue their passions

and embody their self-confidence. Phenomenelle Life was built to help women realise their potential and is a daily reminder that women are phenomenal. Phenomenelle life content is useful for women in their faith, personal development, and life.





"For as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed giving advice to friends and family and providing encouragement or inspiration. It's always been natural for me to encourage people because when I see something good in a person, I never hesitate to make it known to them. You could say helping people is a love language of mine.

Phenomenelle Life is a reflection of my self-development journey in life and my relationship with God.

It's a gift to myself, but I also hope it can be a gift to others.

I created Phenomenelle Life to document and share the experiences that have made me the woman I am today. Having a relationship with God has changed my life, and I hope you can begin building a relationship with God if you don't have one with Him yet. For those who do, I hope you can continue strengthening your relationship with Him. I am on my personal journey to becoming phenomenal. It takes work, every single day, but I am committed to making the most of every precious day given to me. I want to live a phenomenal life - a life that compliments who I am as an individual and a life that brings me peace and happiness.

As I share my self-development journey, I hope that I'll be able to encourage you to work towards fulfilling your goals and dreams while embodying your self-confidence along your own journey.



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