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writer. dreamer. lover. believer.

She writes truthfully; She dreams big; She loves hard; She believes wholeheartedly

Danielle created Phenomenelle Life to encourage women to pursue their passions

and embody their self-confidence. Phenomenelle Life seeks to help women realise their potential to be phenomenal. Danielle produces content that is useful for women in their faith, personal development, and life.





For as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed giving advice to friends and family and providing encouragement or inspiration. Encouraging people has always been something that comes naturally to me.

I find joy in being able to uplift others. You could say helping people is a love language of mine.

Phenomenelle Life is a reflection of my self-development journey in life and my relationship with God.

It's a gift to me, and something I hope can be helpful to you.

I created Phenomenelle Life to document and share the experiences that have made me the woman I am today and how having a relationship with God has changed my life. I am on my personal journey to becoming phenomenal and living a phenomenal life - a life that compliments who I am as an individual and a life that brings me peace and happiness.


After reading “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou, a poem about self-confidence and empowerment, I wanted to create a platform to share my thoughts and experiences on faith, personal development, and lifestyle.  

I also created Phenomenelle Life to couple my passion for writing and blogging with my desire to help others.


Phenomenelle Life is a safe place for women. As I share my self-development journey, I hope that I'll be able to encourage you to work towards fulfilling your goals and dreams while embodying your self-confidence along your own journey.


I hope that by sharing how God has impacted my life, you might start thinking about developing a relationship with Him or continue to build the current relationship you have with Him.

With love 


creating phenomenelle life

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